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What We Do

What We Do

Die Casting machines

Dynamic Reproducer is a high-volume, cost efficient, precision zinc alloy die cast manufacturer with highly advanced processes in design, tooling and manufacturing. We are located in Spartanburg, South Carolina but have clients throughout North America.

"We are the premiere manufacturer of miniature die castings."

– Paul Bentivegna

Dynamic Reproducer manufactures small, precision die cast components for Engineered Products, Commercial and Industrial Products, Consumer Products, and Promotional Items for our clients. We also specialize in the InterCast die casting process which allows us to manufacture a part with movable components.

As part of the Dynamic Reproducer die casting manufacturing process, we adhere to a strict quality assurance procedure to ensure your products meets your requirements and satisfaction. Our business and manufacturing process allows us to fulfill orders large and small, with a great degree of cost effectiveness which is passed on to our customers. Because Dynamic Reproducer delivers such unique design benefits, we use it for our own product lines that we sell to industry and the hardware trade.

We want to be your die cast manufacturer. Contact Us for more information as to how we can help you.