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The InterCast Process

Dynamic Reproducer InterCast products

Producing Components With Moving Parts

This die casting method is exclusive to Dynamic Reproducer and allows for the production of movable assemblies in a single operation. Historically, assemblies made up of moving components are fabricated by producing the individual components by stamping, machining, die casting, or other techniques. These individually produced components then require numerous subsequent assembly operations in order to produce the finished product.

By utilizing our exclusive InterCast process, we can help in the elimination of these costly and time consuming secondary operations by producing a net cast part containing moveable components at a fraction of the cost.

InterCast Illustration

The InterCast process is ideal for hardware type components such as cabinet hooks, swivels, and latches. It is also well suited for more demanding applications such as operating mechanisms for appliances and tools. If you are bringing two or more components together, you need to be considering Dynamic Reproducer's exclusive InterCast die casting process.

"The key is a die casting method that allows the company to produce movable assemblies in a single operation."

– Paul Bentivegna, Founder - Dynamic Reproducer

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