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The InterCast Process - Videos

Producing Components With Moving Parts

The following videos show various Dynamic Reproducer components manufactured using the InterCast process.

This video demonstrates a die cast part manufactured by Dynamic Reproducer. This component, a rod end bearing, was produced using the InterCast process. This process allows for the production of movable assemblies in a single operation. Historically, assemblies made up of moving components are fabricated by producing the individual components by stamping, machining, die casting, or other techniques. These individually produced components then require numerous subsequent assembly operations in order to produce the finished product.

This video depicts a double hinge connector manufactured using the InterCast process. Please note that two separate moving operations are integrated into this single manufacturing process.








This video show a finished comsumer product, a Plant Hanger Swivel Hook. The movable "swivel" was manufactured using the InterCast process.




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