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Benefits of Working with DRC

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By choosing Dynamic Reproducer Company as your die casting provider, you gain many substantial benefits through the relationship.

Exceptional Customer Service

Dynamic Reproducer is committed to help you get the most from our die casting technology. We feel strongly about delivering the ultimate in customer service and satisfaction. Paul Bentivegna and Dennis Blanton, founders of Dynamic Reproducer Company, are always available to answer and assist our customers with any technical, sales, or any other customer service activities.

Effective Low Cost Solutions

"We're working hard to earn your trust and to give you the best in customer service!"

– Paul and Dennis

Dynamic Reproducer's highly advanced processes in design, tooling and manufacturing will help ensure that our customers receive effective low cost solutions to their die casting product needs.

Our "Off-the-Shelf" Consumer and Promotional die cast products have already had the dies cast so our customers do not have to pay for any setup fees. As the tooling for these products have already been established, production time is also drastically cut down.

Dynamic Reproducer also utilizes the latest in Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Modeling technology to quickly prototype and implement your design specifications. The use of CAD and Modeling technology allows us to start the actual production more quickly and efficiently. Because our technology delivers such design and production benefits, we use it for our own product lines that we sell to the Industrial, Consumer and Promotional trades.

High Quality Standards

At Dynamic Reproducer, we're serious about delivering quality components that meet our customer's specifications. Starting with visual inspection, as the part is ejected from the machine, these inspections are done on a twenty-four hour basis. In conjecture to visual inspections, a detailed plan is followed where dimensions are periodically checked and recorded, right on the shop floor. The end result is a product assured to meet the exacting standards of our customers.

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