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Cast-Assembled Electromechanical Components vs. Stamped, Cold-Headed or Screw Machined Electromechanical Components

These case studies will show how the staff and machines at Dynamic Reproducer achieved significant cost savings when using a cast-assembly process, rather than a stamped, cold-headed or screw-machined process for creating electromechanical components.

Eight case studies of the cost effectiveness of cast-assembling electromechanical components

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The Problem

Many of these components were fabricated by forming the individual components through stamping, cold-heading or machining. We felt there was a more cost effective way to reduce the costs associated with the labor and secondary operations required to stake, pin, weld or otherwise join the various components into a finished assembly.

The Cast-Assembly Solution

Cast-Assembling eliminates the secondary operations usually required for a completely assembled component. With the cast-assembly process, components are formed in a single die and ejected form the casting machine completely assembled, with a perfect fit between the separate components. Dynamic Reproducer can even die cast assemblies with moving parts, which are complete and ready to be coated and shipped as they come from the machine.

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If you would like to enjoy the benefits of significant cost savings of our die casting manufacturing processes, please contact us today.

Note: The case studies cited were originally developed by Dynacast Inc.. The machines used in the case study and some of the staff at the time of the study are now at Dynamic Reproducer.